Bob Toabe – Solo piano and percussion


“You should be playing concerts everywhere.” MCCOY TYNER

“Wow, it really transported me…like floating in space. I loved it.” AL FOSTER

“When can we play together?” ANAT COHEN

“Yeah man, I really liked it.” ERIC JACKSON, WGBH


BIOGRAPHY – As a young boy Bobby played along the rocky New England seacoast. It was as though the salt air and ocean waves filled him with music, imbuing his creativity with a natural song and rhythm. Even as a child, his prodigious musical improvisation, rich in emotional content, brought recognition and praise from music teachers and concert audiences alike.


In adolescence, he ventured from the piano to the study of wind, voice, strings, and a wide assortment of percussion instruments. It was in the theatre however where, as the youngest member of the Boston-based Performing Arts Repertory Company that he developed a poised and potently creative stage, music, and performance style. By high school the ever-industrious teenager found himself forming a variety of eclectic improvisation groups. His sound was influence by a broad range of contemporary jazz, classical, and international music.


He listened to Keith Jarrett, Chic Corea, Miles, and Coltrane. However, more than anything else it was his early personal meetings (at age 15) with McCoy Tyner and Pharaoh Sanders that moved and inspired the direction of his music.


Today his original and fluid improvisational piano style captures concert audiences with a sound that is rich, sweet, and hypnotic.


“What I want most (in my music) is deep and free-flowing emotional content. I want my audience to move with me over the keyboard…letting the music flow through us like a soft sweet breeze, like an ocean wave…seeking expression of our deepest needs, our essential selves.”



CURRENT TOUR – Bobby is available for touring throughout the 2016 and into the 2018 season.


CURRENT RELEASE – IMPROV 1 with Arni Cheatham on sax, HOPE & COMFORT on the Fisheye label.


UPCOMING CD’s: INNER VOICE & INSIDE recorded live in concert.


DOWNLOADS on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.


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