APOCALYPSO! January 14, 2017

On Saturday 1/14/2013 at 8pm Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment presented APOCALYPSO!


We filled our cups before inauguration.


Boston’s finest Jazz and World musicians (Stan Strickland, Syd Smart, Bob Toade, Gabriela Martina, Scott Getchell, and Jason McCool), dancers (Callie Chapman, Catherine Musinsky, Aaron Brando, Chien Hwe, and Callie Chapman), artists (Tamar Etingen), and poets (Karen Klein, Julie Ann Otis and Daniel Kinsey) journeyed through a transcendent evening where sound, cadence, composition, rhythm, movement, poetry, and one another were all that mattered. It was a a beautifully lit night of improvisatory performance, and some of the audience joined in the second half.


A party followed as we ate delicious split pea soup to Stan’s dulcet tones.


Thanks, Somerville Arts Council and Warehouse XI, for your generous support!

11 Sanborn Ct., Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143.

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