ESCAPE – 9.28.2017


Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment returned to Warehouse XI on September 28, 2017.


Russ Gershon (sax, of Either/Orchestra & Lookie Lookie), joined us, as did Syd Smart, Chien Hwe (dance, 1000Virtues), Stan Strickland (voice, alto sax, flute), Andreas Agiorgitis (tango), Josh Rosen (piano, ZiggleZaggle music), Werner Grundl (video), Julie O’Neil (photography), Callie Chapman (dance, Zoë Dance, Studio@550), Giuseppe Paradiso (drums), Stephen Petrilli (lighting), John Voigt (bass, spoken word), Tamar Etingen (live art), and Catherine Musinsky (dance).


The second half of the show was lit up by a 5 year old girl named Faith who joined the dancers onstage, along with Catherine’s mother, Bonny Musinsky, 84.  The music was stunning as always, and the painting by Tamar Etingen was fantastic to watch unfold with the performance.


I’ll post some video as soon as it’s ready.


Supported by the Somerville Arts Council and Warehouse XI, Tabula Rasa is an open experiment in improvisational performance at a spacious and welcoming warehouse in Union Square, Somerville. A recently converted warehouse, Warehouse XI has a rough hewn quality and sheer size make creative minds go wild. It is located right behind Journeyman restaurant in the alley between the Independent and Bronwyn’s restaurants in Union Square, Somerville.